In the April 26, 2010 edition of this newspaper – and in supporting online documentation – Dr. Matthias Rath exposed the following sobering facts about the so-called ‘European Union’, the ‘Brussels EU’:

The Reaction of World Opinion

Within days after the first exposure of these historical facts in the ‘New York Times’ on April 23, 2010, the Euro fell to an all-time low on global markets. What was interpreted by some as an ‘attack’ by greedy investors on the ‘Euro’ was in fact much more – the resounding ‘No’ of world opinion to the Nazi-rooted ‘Brussels EU’. The financial markets reflected merely the tip of the iceberg for the fundamental loss of political credibility of this construct.

Meet the ‘George Washington’ of the ‘Brussels EU’

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From Nazis to the ‘French Connection’

Many opinion leaders in the political and financial world immediately understood that the construct of the ‘Brussels EU’ had just become indefensible and publicly demanded its abandonment. Expectedly, the stakeholders of the Cartel called for a ‘general mobilization’ against alleged ‘global attacks’ on the Euro-Zone by financial speculators. Desperate, they presented a trillion dollar ‘bailout’ plan to prevent the implosion of the ‘Brussels EU’.

Leading this effort was the global political stakeholder of the Cartel, French president Sarkozy. In 2005 he had ‘gambled’ billions of tax dollars to merge French dwarf drug-maker Sanofi with drug giant Hoechst, a former member of the Nazi-era ‘IG Farben Cartel’. Now, Sarkozy bankrolled the Cartel’s trillion dollar bailout stunt with the help of the ‘French Connection’, Trichet (head of the European Central Bank) and Strauss-Kahn (head of the International Monetary Fund, IMF).

But no amount of money in the world – not even trillions of dollars – can ever restore the lost credibility of the Nazi-rooted ‘Brussels EU’.

Greece Is Not the Exception – But the Rule

The crisis in Greece – and other European countries – is not the result of corruption or a lack of productivity. It is the inevitable result of the systematic drainage of public and private funds from these countries, totaling trillions of dollars, to finance the import of petrochemicals, patented drugs and other Cartel products.

The economic dependency and ultimately bankruptcy of non-Cartel countries serves the ultimate goal of complete global control by the Cartel. Thus, the current crisis must have been foreseen by the Cartel, although at a later stage when a ‘Brussels EU’-controlled riot police and armed forces would have been set up and sent to Athens and other capitals to crack down on any resistance against the rule of the Cartel and the ‘Brussels EU’.

Meet the ‘Thomas Jefferson’ of the ‘Brussels EU’

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Roadmap to Recovery and Prosperity

The ‘Brussels EU’ serves as the ‘Central Cartel Office’ providing the political, legal – and if needed military – framework to secure the continuation of the multi-trillion dollar ‘tribute payments’ to the Cartel for products based on largely outdated technologies.

Not coincidentally, this happens at a time when mankind is ready to introduce hydrogen cars and other mass application of renewable energies at a fraction of the costs of oil, and when science-based natural health approaches threaten multi-trillion dollar markets for patented chemical drugs.

The promotion of these new technologies is a precondition for recovery and sustainable prosperity.

Dr. Matthias Rath

Picture of Dr. Matthias Rath

Dr. Rath has become a voice of conscience exposing the plans of the Oil and Drug Cartel behind recent global military conflicts and crises. Attacked by Cartel media the world over, Dr. Rath and his Foundation have received prestigious awards for civil courage.

The ‘Relay of Life’ Award by survivors of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps was conferred with the mandate:


More information about the historical facts referred to in Dr. Rath’s Open Letter can be found in this documentation.

After the publication of this information, the ‘Brussels EU’ can no longer survive. No member of the ‘EU Parliament’, no democratic government or politician anywhere in the world, no national or international organization, in fact no one, can knowingly support a political construct in the 21st century that originates from the Nazi drawing boards.

The undemocratic ‘Brussels EU’ will be replaced by a democratic system like in the US or in other democracies, where the people have the right to choose – and to dismiss – their political executive.